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After you read through this educational Internet site, you will be better informed on how your back works and you will learn that movement is treatment, and rest can actually be harmful if carried to an extreme.

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Why should people exercise when they are experiencing pain?

While the natural reaction after a back strain is to restrict activity and lie down, it's best to get moving again as soon as possible after a back injury. That's because too much bed rest is actually damaging to our bodies. Studies have shown that two weeks of bed rest will cause a 6% loss of bone density. Said another way, the more you lie inactive, the more brittle your bones become. For example, some researchers recommend a 30 minute walk just to counteract the negative effects of lying down for three hours.

So movement, even the process of walking, can be beneficial to many simple back strains. For other back problems, certain customized movements of the spine (extension or flexion) can also relieve pain and improve range of motion.

The McKenzie therapy regimen, for example, proposes that the effects of a herniated disc can actually be lessened through spinal movements that create a vacuum in the disc, which in turn sucks the herniation back inward and away from the nerve root.

Remember, never do any exercise that causes increased pain. Never do any exercise after an injury related to a traumatic event, such as a fall or sports injury or any onset of pain that has emerged suddenly. Consult one of our specialists first.

NOTE: We recognize that people will diagnose and treat themselves. We have provided this medical information to make you more knowledgeable about nonsurgical aspects of care, the role of exercise in your long-term recovery, and injury prevention. In some cases exercise may be inappropriate. Remember, if you diagnose or treat yourself, you assume the responsibility for your actions. You should never do any exercise that causes increased pain. You should never do any exercise that places body weight on a weakened or injured limb or back.

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